The Safe Edge System not only conforms to the WAHR but also with the European Standard for edge protection BS EN 13374:13.  This standard is now used as a guideline for the industry by most major contractors and is also recognised by the HSE. 

Original testing of our system was carried out in 2003 by Ceram Laboratories, a leading testing laboratory for the roofing and cladding industry.  The system was tested to the then EN13374 draft standard and covered classes A, B and C.  However, with an ever changing industry and more demand for designs and testing within Temporary Works, in 2016 we took the decision to carry out more detailed testing on our system.  For this we employed the services of Lloyds British to agree a methodology based on the BS EN 13374:13 testing criteria, witnessing several of the tests and providing certification. 

We have now carried out over three hundred individual tests on our different designs that meet both Class A and Class B of the Standard.  These included deflection and accidental load testing for Class A/B and dynamic load testing for Class B with bay sizes varying from 5m up to 9m.

We have also had our system tested to allow safety netting to be tied to it.  For this a 6kn load was applied at 45 degrees as specified in BS8411 which states that ‘safety nets should be applied to a suitable structure with a proven anchorage capacity’.

We believe that Safe Edge is one of a few if not the only edge protection system in the country that is fully tested and meets its original design purpose for for bay sizes up to 9m.