With main contractors and their Temporary works managers becoming aware of what is required from all aspects of fall protection, SEL carried out over 300 separate tests on all of its components and configurations.

The testing included DEFLECTION and  ACCIDENTAL  LOAD as dictated by CLASS "A".

Dynamic load as dictated by CLASS "B".

SEL then decided to subject our handrail to the rigorous test which is required to meet BS 8411: 2007 which states " Safety nets should be attached to a SUITABLE STRUCTURE - WITH PROVEN ANCHORAGE CAPACITY."

The test to meet the above criteria is to apply a force of 6Kn (600Kg) at an angle of 45 degrees, to the weakest point of the handrail, the centre of the span. There is no deflection limit applied to this test and although the handrail can distort, it must not collapse or break.

Several tests were carried out on spans of up to 9 metres. All were passed successfully.